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Manolos - 1g - OG Crumble


Brand Manolos
Marijuana CRUMBLE OG Kush
This Marijuana CRUMBLE OG Kush brings you a highly potent form of marijuana extracted purely with co2 and high CBD content.  Marijuana Crumble is highly potent and becoming popular in the medical marijuana market for mental relief. Cannabis Crumble concentrate is extremely strong and should be used with caution. This is a concentrated form of Marijuana.
CRUMBLE OG Kush Marijuana Concentrate is sought after for the smooth high and taste, this concentrate is well known as a top flavor and smoke. OG Kush concentrates are popular in California. Crumble has become very popular with many patients, because of the purity, extracted with a co2 method, you are guaranteed the purity and taste of the terps of the weed. If you havnt tried pure OG kush Marijuana Crumble then try this Marijuana Concentrate today from PotValet in Culver City, Santa Monica and Los Angeles county
 How Will You Feel After Using OG Kush Marijuana Crumble?
You will feel pretty darn high, relatively euphoric and might have some pretty wicked dreams.  If you have any issues going on or anxiety or if you are just looking to unwind and ease the pain, then this concentrate is the perfect choice for you.  Use with caution.

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